Monday, August 5, 2013

Frugal Mommy day :) Mini muffins

My kids love muffins. They also love the cool quick packs , the grab and go kind. Who can blame them I mean muffins anytime! Yum....

But these little boes of yummyness can be expensive.  And when you are on a budget sometimes you just have to pass. We are talking like 2.98 + for a box of 5 pks with 4 muffins. OUCH!
So in an effort to give my kids the things they love for less, I am making my own! And saving tons doing it.


Martha White muffin mix =$1.00
Mini muffin cupcake wrapper = $1.87×100
Sandwich bags = $1.00×25-50 ( I got mine at dollar store sometimes you can get 50 sometimes its just 25 available)

Now lets get to baking! Follow instuctions on muffin package. Once that is complete we have to fill our cupcake wrappers. Get out a baking pan and line your wrappers up. You may need to spray non stick on them. (I didnt lol). Fill each wrapper about half full. Bake. Took mine about mmmm 15 min or so. Just till a tooth pick comes out clean.

Done? Pull them out and set to cool. Now you can remove them from the wrappers or you can just bag them with them on. Its up to you.

I found I can get 26 mini miffins from one pouch of muffin mix. Whoa... talk about huge savings!

One box of mini muffins pouches 2.98 + for 20 muffins total.

Diy... 26 mini miffins for all of $1.50 at most!

So go make those kids (or yourself) mini miffins to go!

Tip: store in frige to last longer. (You dont want to eat moldy muffins) ;)-

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